what have I gotten myself into..

Actual withdrawal symptoms;

the thought alone made my heart palpitate, a 112 beats per minute, I could feel my whole upper abdomen ache as if iced since by breathing can barely keep up..

the thought alone.

it’s not due to my body craving some sort of chemical it relied on in order to function properly; not at all.. but merely, a fellow human got me feeling this way.

Shivering hands, lost breath and aching chest.. all the doings of a sweet girl I already possess.. how could this be?

A type of love I have never felt before, hell this need generally is something I have NEVER felt before! aside from instinctual matters, nothing in this world was a matter of need to me.

Yet here I lay, missing her to the extent of physical impairment.. baffled! by the thought that I crave her presence here with me like once before that my body is willing to give up on me.

A collection of simple, couple hours of distance got me this crippled?

lord, have mercy on my hopeless soul.