by Violet

I want to forget,
I want to forget how it felt to sleep on your chest as if it’s the only place I could truly rest my head.
I want to forget how it felt when you kissed me, each and every time; so extraordinary, I felt like writing about it; as if it had been the first to take place in the universe. I want to forget how I was so conscious about holding your hand that when you let go I told myself it’s okay…

it’s not okay; it was never okay.
I, the greedy lover? the overly proud outspoken one? okay with not getting what I want? when was I ever.
but you’re so different, so new; a need, as a matter of fact, a need so deep that it had me frantically change out of the fear of probable loss..
oh how you’re working me to my wits’ end,
but here it shall, entirely.

therefore I will forget, forget how to hold back and if it threw you off I’ll just jump right after.