ignite the mortal fires of my imagination; and burn my useless soul alive.. i am departing.

by Violet

people who weren’t born more than a 100 times each day for annuals that last more than 365 days per second.people who’ve spoken with only one mindset,

one religion,

one perception,

one measly vessel,

a countable number of homes; or none whatsoever!

one brain; one life; one goal even.

indeed one fucking genetic pool..

people who’ve by now surpassed whatever illness took over the east.

people who’ve never heard about it.

those who never encountered a god, a fairy or a slave; nor the dead!

fucked them, listened to them, hated or loved them!

people who aren’t already dead.

i could list on all the traits they grossly lack, endlessly…..

or i could simply state that these people, these people i am clearly speaking of; are those who do not believe in losing their sanity for someone else’s words; 
(a) “book”.