/beware of those smudgily lined eyes staring from the corner

by Violet

she steals a look as she runs all over the place; untouched. flexible in her nature, a woman that thrives on moving with each blow in the wind; emotional and reckless. divine in her pointless chaos, that’s who she is. 

at the dimly-lit joint, where the hushed air stresses the eclipsed moon above to rather hide behind the clouds to sin in secret; so in our fleeting moment she’d hold my hand and pull me just one step closer, but loses her balance a second too early, from her own tug.. she’d fall and shatter in an instant before my heart could even flutter from her nearness. that’s who she is.

but now, the remainder of her is only the mere thoughts vibrantly showing on the skin of her broken pieces, and the air that surrounds her corpse.. a major star fallen into her own core; a black hole i’m now forever lost within due to a stupid glance back. 

..who was that woman?