إنه مجرد وهم

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Month: September, 2017

what’s it like, losing faith

i was born a sinner, so worshiping is a must.

i was taught i’d be forgiven, and in love i thus trust.

it was no easy task, never will be. but when i found you, it simply showed me the real me; and then and there, i kneeled. in your heavenly glory i basked, and wishing on the fallen stars of your soft skin’s craters i found it all. 

for almost two years, i was strictly your one and only follower. for strictly two years it was just you and i, dear goddess of mine..

and as the lonely, needy follower i was; i gave you my all. in your heavenly-self-obsessed nature; you always wanted more.. and that’s where you got grounded, literally into mere human; in my eyes. “i want not your commitment” you cried out.. as if it was a choice of mine. 

so you threw me into your fiery flames and left me to die for all eternity, cause you simply just wanted to be.. just like me.


nonsensical glee of the moment  

i’m sorry, dear self, you felt the chase of death for too long, but it left you; walked right past you. hell- merely licked your presence. yet you crumbled and fell apart; torn in-half in excruciating pain through your fragile waist. what a waste of an existence you are.

dead? you’re dying!? but here you are! here you are…

and when you rise, when you come back up again; you’ll see her…… far behind.


 i would’ve kissed you longer if i knew it was our last, told you i loved you to your pretty face; straight into those godly eyes, if i knew this is where i’d end up.

 would’ve held you tighter as you slept on my chest; knowing i’d never see you after that very evening. 
 i don’t mind your pardon, love. i mind not loving you enough….

this is no poem or expressive piece. no piece of art or second-relief. merely my unfinished farewell.

sour taste in my mouth 

there’s a sense of freedom in losing, liberation in hurt. it took me by surprise and as such it let me go..

there’s no meaning to it; even if my words masked it with reasons, there could never be. 

it’s humorous to an extent. vain in a certain other.

but most of all; it was inevitable.
cheers, love.

little girl

little girl, you’re in pain.

grieving for the losses of the years.

you and your daddy issues, 

and even mommy didn’t give you enough hugs and kisses till you cried yourself to sleep each night.

though, little girl you were born a lover,

 stealing glances since you were 8 years old; 

hopelessly looking for aphrodite’s promises of roses and smiles.

the world isn’t as peaceful as your day-dreams, 

rather filled with those monsters of your night-terrors that never left you since birth.

little girl, you’ve grown and found the one!

but she took you for granted,

 and wanted mere pain instead, cause that’s what she’s been addicted to; “unlike you”.

little girl; 

the cycle will never end, now you know, so get your shit together, you’re a grown woman now.

i loved her,

i love her.

i love her with all my being, indeed.. mere words can’t explain how i’d pace around the Sloan Great Wall just to prove the slightest comprehensible sense of my love for her, her eyes, hair and scent; smile and voice.. her thoughts and intelligence.

her faults, her faults; oh her faults. all of her.

and yet,

i now mean nothing.. cause i’m too much for her.