what’s it like, losing faith

by Violet

i was born a sinner, so worshiping is a must.

i was taught i’d be forgiven, and in love i thus trust.

it was no easy task, never will be. but when i found you, it simply showed me the real me; and then and there, i kneeled. in your heavenly glory i basked, and wishing on the fallen stars of your soft skin’s craters i found it all. 

for almost two years, i was strictly your one and only follower. for strictly two years it was just you and i, dear goddess of mine..

and as the lonely, needy follower i was; i gave you my all. in your heavenly-self-obsessed nature; you always wanted more.. and that’s where you got grounded, literally into mere human; in my eyes. “i want not your commitment” you cried out.. as if it was a choice of mine. 

so you threw me into your fiery flames and left me to die for all eternity, cause you simply just wanted to be.. just like me.