by Violet

We’re not fated by the stars, i’m not your yin nor your yang; the sun is dying and the moon is just a rock.. and dear, shams left rumi for selfish reasons.

Love is a fever dream, gives you the thrill of feeling the unreal; makes you believe you’re bigger than your pointless existence. Mhm for a day or two; a year and two months.

So tell me is what we shared a mere lie that’s yet to be as crippling as religion?

Were my days of tears and heartache worth while; my time wishing upon everything down to specks of dust and how they were floating above my head, looking holy enough to grant a dying wish; worth my focus?

Love is just desires based on attachments. Kissing you is mere lust and our promises turned out to be the easiest to break the second they left our lips.

so kiss me, let’s keep ’em safe.. but no:

I’ll go on with my churning stomach and my fossilizing heart, in memory of just another lie. 

And you go on with your fingers between her thighs telling me i’m not worth your time, cause you already care for her.