إنه مجرد وهم

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Month: February, 2018

They say, if you can imagine it..

When it’s time, I’ll be leaving with no explanation.

You, dear reader, shall be so accommodated to the fact that I’d talk it out, not realizing that it’s merely part of their orders. They give me the power to wield my silver tongue only when it works well with their plan. To keep me around; like the empty knight armor I am.

Here I am, now; attempting to explain what I can, yet you’d think you’ve heard it all before; feel safe that I still won’t be going anywhere, but really you’re just unaware of the overflow that pushed you down the wretched riverbed of words, you’d try to keep up with my stream, yet unlike promised, it shall never lead you down to my oceans. Deceptively enough; my once were gentle waters shall rather take you six feet under; down my dry, unmarked pit.

A scratch in space-time, tearing you apart ripple by ripple.

You shall not recognize my voice when I cry from it, when I cry for help; but I already am long gone.. Like a deafening echo of a howl that wrenches your stomach; I’d remain lost in my own endless vacuum; the still, pitch-black abyss. However bit by bit, I shall drive you mad along with me. still.

Despite the moonlight shining through a clear night sky; despite the fact that you were so sure of each action you ever took on my behalf. You could never understand a single word in its regard till you let it destroy you, too.

Are you willing to lose your breath to it? drown your conscious existence whilst still in the prime of being alive?

You might think you cannot fathom what they are, but.. it can be done. Just pay attention.


New beginnings

I’ve learnt that everything I touch must die, for its own sake.

not cursed, I am merely the lord of resolutions. I thrive in all of its glorious mischief. Because despite my lonely ways, during some nights, when I come across a dying light within some other’s glistening oceanic eyes, and as we defy nature and merge waves; miraculously to one another.. I myself, then must give away my own life.

Only then shall it start all over again; till I meet you, dear one in the same. I shan’t do nothing, but push through; leaving behind my countless suffocated carcasses..

God Complex

Too dangerous to make friends, too demanding to keep lovers and too rebellious to stay in touch with family.

A leader, made for packs; but cannot withstand lasting company.

you rise.

Yet, selfless, objective and most of all.. lacking the human merit.

Made of flesh and bones, or rather trapped.. a perfect cover.

An explosive charge of never-ending energy;

you are the ending and the beginning within itself, the third and last piece of the puzzle is the playing field itself.