إنه مجرد وهم

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Category: mental illness


it is a weird form of sadness; sourceless, painless, though its presence is very much so, sensible it cannot be missed.
indeed, it comes from nowhere. yet even so, it is persistent! maddening…. 

it not only begs, but fights to be noticed; and how could it not be? how could something that consistently hits you in the face, out of the fucking blue not get merely noticed!? 

mhm.. damned are the ones whom understand this.. via experience.


Autumn Amidst Spring 

I wish these horrid thoughts would leave me alone.

I wish I could be free from them..


but they’re engrossed within my core.

it almost feels like that if I let go, I’d lose them?

thus consequently, losing most parts of my..self.


I’ll continue to cry out; why do we fall when we’re supposed to bloom!?