إنه مجرد وهم

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i am a mad woman with a broken heart 

this is a cry for sanity 

i cannot take my company anymore

i cannot withstand others either

i want to runaway but where to

i cannot find a single home not even within myself 

my soul is a sham 

my faith is a lie

my ideas feel distant 

and my love for her is all i am left with
do i deserve her anymore?


for now 

give me that breakthrough of a cure, baby; tell me they gave you the news that I’ll be just fine.they don’t know what’s wrong with the world and what’s before their eyes, let alone what goes around within my mind..

but why shall I worry when you try and force that crooked smile that goes along perfectly with my broken spine. 

yes, we’ll be fine for now and always if you’d like, just give me that damned placebo and hold me for just tonight.

pin me to the wall once again, wild dancer. like you did years ago; don’t you miss smirking over my face every time you manage to get my eyes all stormy?

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